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Root Canal Therapy

Dragon Dental works hard to stay up to date on the latest technology for their dental practice. This includes the procedure for root canal therapy. There is a common misconception that a root canal is painful but it is actually similar to having a cavity filled which only causes minimal pain. The doctor will extract decayed pulp from the central part of the tooth and reshape the canal. The doctor will then replace the pulp with cutting edge biocompatible strengthening material.

Reasons For Root Canal Therapy

There are numerous reasons as to why a patient may want to choose to have root canal therapy. A root canal is the best choice when damage goes beyond a regular filling. Below are some reasons why a root canal could be necessary:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Inflamed/infected tooth pulp
  • Too many dental procedures on a tooth
  • Severe sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Blow to the tooth
  • Swelling or tenderness near the infected tooth

The Root Canal Procedure

As mentioned earlier, the root canal process isn’t much different than a filling and the discomfort is about the same. The process is as follows:

  • The patient undergoes anesthesia
  • A dental dam will be used to separate the tooth from the others
  • The tooth is opened to allow for removal of pulp
  • The tooth is thoroughly cleaned
  • The doctor reshaped the canals
  • The tooth is filled with filling material
  • A temporary covering is used to cover the opening
  • After going through a short recovery period, the patient returns to replace covering

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